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If you are reading it you probably have it Good

We sometimes are so ensconced in our lives that we forget that there is a conflict going us around us. When I was young, I thought all the epoch moments had passed by- World Wars, the cold war, Mahatma Gandhi, the Beetles etc. ­čÖé

However we have seen Turkey shoot down a Russia fighter, nations invaded( Russian invasion of Ukarine), the comflict in the middle east escalating etc. and its a whole new world.

When each death of an innocent is like the whole humanity murdered , it is saddening to see the huge tolls in the middle-east. It is afterall the humans who prey on humans. I was having a mixed day until I saw this video and I realized how lucky I am. My biggest fear is perhaps the loss of everything and these are people who are living the nightmare.

Its a shame all that the rich Arab countries can do for the others is treat these people as refugees. Humanity is losing future doctors, engineers, humanists etc. The criminals will of course be criminals.

The world has to do more for the oppressed and the dispossessed. Else we lose our own humanity. Period


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